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Neck Back and Spine Injuries Archives

Back injury, others leave California family seeking compensation

When it comes to workers' compensation, it is important for concerned parties to understand what may and may not be covered by such benefits. If a worker suffers a neck or back injury while on the job, they may need time off to recover, and such benefits could help with medical bills and lost wages, if the injured party qualifies. If more extenuating circumstances stem from the accident and injury, further information on workers' compensation may be needed.

Back injury could come to California workers if equipment fails

No California employee wants to be the victim of a workplace accident. Unfortunately, accidents take place across the country almost every day, and some of those can be due to situations at a place of employment. These incidents could range from a variety of circumstances, but if a piece of equipment falls on an employee, a back injury or other serious harm could come to that worker.

Spring time change could lead to work injury in California

With the recent switch of springing forward for Daylight Saving Time, many California workers may still be adjusting their sleep schedules. It is not uncommon to feel more fatigued in the days following the time change as many individuals get less rest than they normally would. Though this may not seem like a significant concern, being fatigued while on the job could potentially lead to a work injury.

Fewer inspectors could lead to more California work injury risks

The California division of the Occupational Safety and Health Association, or Cal-OSHA, is an important asset to the state. This organization -- much like its federal counterpart -- inspects places of employment to ensure that there are no safety violations. Without these inspections, safety hazards could exist that could potentially lead to a serious work injury.

A back injury could lead to workers' compensation in California

When it comes to being injured on the job, an accident can affect more than just the injured party. If a worker suffers a back injury from a fall or other serious event, that person and their family could face financial setbacks as well as potential emotional hardships. Employers can also face difficulties in their workforce as they must arrange workers in order to cover for the injured employee, and other employees may feel somewhat wary about returning to their duties after a serious accident has taken place.

California work site reduces work injury risk, receives award

The ability to work in a safe environment is an aspect of employment that many workers hope to have. Unfortunately, there are many situations in which workers face hazards that could lead to a work injury if they are not properly prepared. Luckily, there are many workplaces in which safety is the number one priority, and the reduction of injury and illness risks is an aspect that employers strive to effectively achieve.

California nursing home workers at risk for back injury, illness

Many California residents often recognize jobs that involve risky maneuvers or working with heavy equipment as having the possibility of resulting in a workplace injury. However, an accident could occur in any occupation, and those jobs with obvious risks may not be the most dangerous or likely to cause injury. For example, a back injury can be quite severe and can happen in many seemingly less-risky occupations, especially if there is heavy lifting involved.

Healthcare professionals could face a back injury in California

Many California residents hold in high regard those who work in the healthcare industry. What many people may not realize, however, is just how physically straining such jobs can be. Nurses and other healthcare professionals must often move patients and equipment that could potentially result in a serious back injury.

Back injury, fall reduction are hopes of California safety group

Construction workers often face considerable safety risks while performing their duties. They often must work with heavy equipment and carry out actions at great heights. Though these factors could have potential for resulting in a back injury if a worker was to fall, following proper protocols can greatly reduce that risk. Employers should ensure that employees have the correct training before they are allowed to work in high risk areas, and those areas should comply with safety rules.

Back injury, other risks possible for California airport workers

California businesses are often inspected to ensure that they are running according to proper health and safety regulations. Should businesses be found in violation of any of these regulations, serious penalties can be asserted. The purpose of such regulations is to protect consumers and employees from facing any unnecessary risks. Workplace hazards can pose great threats to workers, and a serious back injury or other type of harm could come to an employee who was working in unsafe conditions.

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